A Summer Story Review: A Sweet, Endearing And Woke Watch For Everyone


By Pooja Darade

Friendship is one relationship we all have in our lives. We all have experienced the awkwardness and hesitance while saying the first ‘Hi’ to someone who later became a vital part of our lives. That’s why when there are stories based on friendship, they seem relatable and fun to watch.

A Summer Story is a story of 4 people who show us very real moments we all live with our amigos. An Indian-American girl named Rachel meets Samar at Mumbai’s Marine Drive and from there the friendship saga starts. It’s all about helping strangers which is very common in Mumbai and that’s how some people become friends. Rachel and Samar become friends and when she faces difficulty to find a good hotel in Mumbai, she stays over at Samar’s place with his two roommates and friends – Varun and Raghav. With time, their bond and friendship grow which help them to understand each other’s lives, problems and also ways to resolve the same. After all, that’s what friends do, isn’t it?

The web series is a wonderful slice of life drama which covers a lot of aspect of the lives of people in their 20s. Samar’s character quits his routine 9-5 job to finally follow his passion for writing. Varun is a struggling actor who gives 50 auditions daily and sometimes he’s called only to pay the food bills of the casting manager. Raghav has a stable job but his life only revolves around work. Rachel is a photographer from the US and it’s her first trip to India. Her mother warns her to be beware of boys because it’s unsafe. But who thought that throughout her trip to Mumbai, she’ll be staying with 3 boys? That’s the beauty of this web series. It manages to break the stereotypes or the notion …read more

Source:: koimoi.com