Amavas Film Review: A real amavas for cinema


U/A: Horror
Dir: Bhushan Patel
Cast: Sachiin Joshi, Nargis Fakhri

The experience of watching a Ramsay Brothers horror is unique. It’s almost synonymous to buying a ticket for a comedy. Dealing with Amavas, is pretty much the same. It’s the modern-day equivalent to a Ramsay product. Do you love it? Yes, to bits! It’s a laugh riot. But, that’s not how director Bhushan Patel designed it to be, which is why, it’s disappointing.

Patel, who previously directed the Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover-starrer Alone, takes the tomfoolery a notch higher with this film. We are introduced to the familiar ‘praacheenkal’ knowledge of ‘bhooth-pret’. There is a haunted mansion – resembling a cross between that in The Conjuring and Sushmita Sen’s Vaastu Shastra.

Familiar tactics – creaking doors, spooky scores and shadows – are employed to evoke fear. Yet, the idiocy on display doesn’t occupy my mind. What does is the fact that viewers could have been spared from the goings-on had the cast simply travelled to Paris. Let me explain. Karan Ajmera (Sachiin Joshi) is coaxed by girlfriend Aahana (Nargis Fakhri) to take a trip to the former’s Brit mansion, instead of taking off on a romantic getaway to the French capital. On arriving, skeletons begin to tumble out, and they learn the reason behind the house being locked up for eight years. All hell breaks loose.

Even the slightest mention can be a spoiler in a horror, so we’ll leave the details aside should you wish to catch this one. But, we can reveal that this uninspiring story ticks every clichéd check box in the horror rule book, including possessed bodies, hapless spirits, barren trees, a grave and temple bells. In addition, there’s a half-faced doll, and a bored ensemble of supporting actors who look more clueless than the doll in question. As …read more

Source:: Mid-Day