Bigg Boss 11 week 6 review: Priyank Sharma is Komolika reincarnated – watch video


By Rajat Tripathi

Just last week Salman Khan had told contestant Benafsha Soonawalla that she is hardly visible on Bigg Boss 11. To add injury to the insult she got nominated for the next eviction. And, boy, did she take this to the heart. She opened up with all her fierceness and even sort of hinted that something might cook between her and Priyank. Be all this just for the sake of the show, we are totally digging it. Priyank Sharma might as well have not returned to the house because he is only increasing his haters by getting into fights with good friend (or should we say ex-goos friend) Vikas Gupta. It’s like Priyank is channeling his inner scheming, manipulative, two-faced Komolika for entertaining the audience. Well, we won’t say we aren’t entertained but Bigg Boss 11 had enough contestants inside the house for this quality of content. We expected better from Priyank.

In an argument where Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra are coming off as sensible, imagine how idiotic must be the other side’s stance. When Bandgi has asked Priyank to not discuss about her ex, he should be obeying to her request like a gentleman. But he chose the other path. Hear more from Rajjo Reporter in his review of week 6 of Bigg Boss 11.

Hina Khan has learnt a whole lot of deal with her 7 year long tenure on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She has learnt the vicious ways from vamps of the show and is applying them on the reality show. The world is sure going to run out of mascara, if Hina continues to cry at the drop of the hat like she does. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 week 5 review: Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde kept the entertainment …read more

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