Bigg Boss 12 Nov 8 Update: Inmates sacrifice for each other’s happiness


Diwali is known as the festival of lights and ensures the end of darkness and negativity. Similarly, this year Diwali brings in a lot of cheer for the Bigg Boss contestants as they keep their differences aside and unite to begin fresh with lot of love.

The contestants are in for a huge surprise this Diwali and it’s going to be an emotional and magical ride! Tune in tonight at 9 PM for all the hungama. #BB12 #BiggBoss12 @iamappyfizz @oppomobileindia @TheGarnierMan @letsdroom

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 8, 2018

Putting an end to the luxury budget task and welcoming a new day, Bigg Boss woke the contestants to the song ‘Happy Diwali’. While kickstarting the Diwali celebration, an emotional atmosphere took over the Bigg Boss house. While some were happy about the festival, few of them were also seen shedding tears as they were missing their family.

All the housemates were dressed up in their best to enjoy the festival. Megha also made special snacks and halwa as bhog for everyone.

Giving the contestants a beautiful surprise, Bigg Boss teased them with audio clips from their family members and left them guessing who’s clip was played. He then announced that their families have sent video messages for every contestant and that they can see the same in the activity area.

With this announcement their happiness doubled. As a part of this, Bigg Boss called three contestants in the activity area after every interval. Unaware about a twist that was to follow, Karanvir, Shivashish and Surbhi were the first batch to go.

The major twist in the game was when Bigg Boss declared that only one amongst the three can watch the video from their family. This came as a major shock to them and …read more

Source:: Mid-Day