Bigg Boss 13: Hey Rashami Desai, this is what Shefali Bagga has to say about you!


By (Mid-Day)

Recently, Prince Narula made an appearance on the season wrap-up episode, of the show Bigg Buzz, hosted by Priyank Sharma. In the final takedown, Prince talks about the show and how different it is now to the season he was a contestant in. The two guys have some interesting conversations before evictee Shefali Bagga graces the show to recount on incidences in the house and disclose some juicy details around the other contestants.

Initiating the conversation, Priyank asks Prince about the contestants he knows personally before Bigg boss Season 13 began, Prince answers, “I know a lot of people. I recently did a show and I know Vishal and Madhurima, apart from that, I know Rashami, Arti and by mistake, Paras too..”

On being asked about his history with Paras, Prince comments, “One shouldn’t even talk about Paras. He did an interview before going to Bigg Boss where he said he has made my career. He consulted me before going to the Bigg Boss house and also before participating in a lot of other shows.” He adds that the fans know everything, whatever happened in Spiltsvilla is public knowledge too and maybe Paras has forgotten. However, if Prince ever got a chance to go to the house, he would remind Baba Ji. Talking further about his previous encounter with Paras, Prince talks about how he thinks Paras doesn’t have the attitude and says, “He will always be like this.”

Later, the recent evictee – Shefali Bagga talks more about her fellow inmates from this season and reveals her thoughts on each of them. During the rapid-fire round, Shefali is asked to name a contestant who is the most hypocrite in the house, to which she replies. “Rashami.” While explaining her reason for saying so, she says, “I feel she does a lot of …read more

Source:: Mid-Day