Bigg Boss 13 January 14 Update: Hina Khan to enter the house to elect the first member of the Elite Club


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Bigg Boss 13 Synopsis

It has been a very eventful week for Shehnaz inside the house and after expressing her love for Sidharth, all is now well and they both are back to being good friends. The next morning sees Shehnaz, Shefali, and Sidharth having a friendly conversation when Shehnaz asks Shefali if she feels that Sidharth loves since both have known each other for a long time. Shefali senses trouble and refuses to be a part of the conversation.

Shehnaz keeps pushing and wonders, whether Shefali still has some feelings for Sidharth. Shefali plays along and jokes that she is still actually in love with him. Sidharth, too, joins but Shehnaz gets irritated and A challenges the duo to prove their so-called ‘affair’ to her. The two take the joke to the next level and go to the bathroom together and lock the door to make Shehnaz envious. Shehnaz, in a fit of jealousy, starts banging the toilet door and creates a tantrum asking them to come out.

Up next, Hina Khan enters the house to elect the first member of the newly launched Bigg Boss’ Elite Club. Contenders for the title include Asim and Shehnaz. Both the contenders have to justify with reasons why they deserve to be a part of the club. In Hina’s court, Rashami and Aarti are the two lawyers representing Asim and Shehnaz respectively. For old times’ sake Paras, Mahira, Sidharth, and Aarti support Shehnaz while all the others speak against her and believe that Asim should be the one to be given this privilege.

Bigg Boss 13 Synopsis

Vishal stands up for Asim and says that Shehnaz is not worthy. He also shares that Shehnaz had called him weak during the last evictions which he didn’t appreciate. A fight breaks out between Asim and Shefali …read more

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