Chhichhore actor Tushar Pandey on how he landed the film


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Tushar Pandey

This could be the film that Tushar Pandey was waiting for to make a statement in the industry. The actor who was last seen in the critically acclaimed film Pink and Rajshri Films’ Hum Chaar, has now been roped into the very fresh line up of Chhichhore.

Tushar Pandey

The actor is from Delhi and has been trained in acting from the prestigious National School Of Drama and London International School of Performing Arts. Post his NSD days the actor has been and is still a part of a lot of theatre activities, which makes him earn a lot of accolades from people in and out of the industry. Tushar plays a character called “Mummy” which stands out in most of the scenes in the trailer of the film. His chemistry with Varun Sharma’s character “Sexa” also seems to be palpable in the trailer. While Varun Sharma plays the more outspoken character, Tushar plays a much more subtle and shy character in the film.

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Tushar Pandey shares an interesting story as to how he got the role. “I had tested for this role long back and had forgotten about it. A few months later, I was in Sikkim working on a theatre project. I got a call from the team asking me to come down for a final look test. I was in the middle of work but the test had to be done in a day’s time- since we have to play two different age groups. Luckily, I managed to sort a day off, rode for 5 hours to the airport, look a connecting flight via Guwahati. Reached Mumbai, went straight for the test. The same night, I repeated the journey …read more

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