Deadpool 2 movie review: Ryan Reynolds’ undiminished charm and Zazie Beetz’s badass avatar will make you root for them


By Chandni Shah

4 Star Rating

Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds returns with his anti-hero act after a gap of two years only to prove the long wait was worth it. He’s weirder and crazier than before and promises to take you on a laughter riot filled with emotions here and there. Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 is far better and funnier than its prequel. Ryan is outstanding throughout the film and he gets some solid support from Zazie Beetz. For the ones who think they are still recuperating from Avengers: Infinity War fever and had an overdose of superhero movies this year, Deadpool is delightfully different. It’s not an ordinary superhero movie (trust me on this). Its layered and that’s the beauty of it. Director tries hard to distinguish his movie from its prequel and well, he’s quite successful at it. It lives up to its hype and the fans of this ‘merc with a mouth’ character will not be disappointed. When we say the movie is a good sequel to the original that released in 2016, we mean every word of it. Some may adore the film, others will find it kiddish and gross. In the end it all depends on how you choose to look at it. So why do we really fall in the first category? Let’s check it out….

What’s it about

Since it’s a superhero movie, it will always be about A saving B and killing C in the process. Yes, Deadpool too, sticks to the basic norm when the foul mouthed Marvel hero vows to save a mutant kid from a mighty villain. No points for guessing whom are we referring to? The soldier from future, Cable can travel through space and he needs no ‘stones’ for that ( pun intended). But since he’s a super soldier, Deadpool can’t really …read more

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