Delnaaz Irani: Today, I cannot say I want to play Alia Bhatt’s friend


By (Mid-Day)

Delnaaz Irani might be sharing the screen with the top actors of the industry but it is safe to say that actor Delnaaz Irani has been a clear favourite on screen. Her absolutely adorable looks and perfect comic timing has made her one of the most loved actors in the industry. But we have missed her on screen recently, right? While she rocked the role of Sweetu, actor Preity Zinta’s friend in Kal Ho Na Ho, Delnaaz does not ignore the fact that she cannot do those roles anymore.

“I always believe everything goes hand in hand, you need to do your networking plus you need good luck and need to be at the right place at the right time. But the phase that I am in now is just wrong timing, I don’t blame luck or networking. 15 years back, I was younger and so I played Preity Zinta’s friend but today I cannot say that I want to play Alia Bhatt’s friend. And if I say I am ready to play a mother, I would still look young. I am too old to play a friend and too young to play a mother and somewhere I am lost in between,” she says.

The actor says that the fact that people feel she can only do comedy has also restrained her options. “Since I have always been doing comic characters, people don’t look beyond that. It’s very sad and I feel very dejected at times. I can give you an example of my recent film My Mother’s Wedding. This is a very touching film revolving around the relationship between a mother and a dead son. I was the protagonist and nobody could have ever imagined that Delnaaz, who plays comic characters in every film and every show, will be able to …read more

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