Divya Drishti November 10, 2019 written update of full episode: Pisachini and Kaal Devta try to prove Divya responsible for Patali’s death in the court


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Today’s episode of Divya Drishti begins Pisachini acting as if she will miss Patali. Kaal Devta comes and asks Pishachini about not taking his help in carrying out such a risky task. He tells to be careful now and further doesn’t want Divya to be proven innocent. Divya, Drishti and Rakshit plan with their family to fight Pisachini. Pishachini at night comes to Shekhar’s room and asks Shikhar to help her in proving Divya guilty. Later, Drishti asks Shikhar to give a statement against Pishachini in court.

In the morning, Drishti doubts Shikhar when he goes missing. Shikhar arrives from the temple and gives a Lord Shiva thread to Divya. Divya and her lawyer are asked to come to Devdi for the court hearing. Shikhar agrees to give a statement but later gets worried because of Kaal Devta. Drishti assures Divya that everything will be fine and they will prove her innocent. Shikhar later acts as if he is falling down the stairs and gets hurt so that he does not have to go the court. Meanwhile, in the court, Pishachini shows a fake clip of Divya killing Patali. Drishti uses Divya’s memory to show the clip of Pishachini killing Patali. Later, Pishachini checks the fingerprints of Divya on the knife. Shikhar acts of caring for Divya and going to give his statement. At the same time, Kaal Devta gives five hours to Divya and Drishti for bringing their witness.

Shergills wonder how Patali’s body can give a statement. Drishti suggests stealing Patali’s body. Meanwhile, Shikhar tells Pishachini that he will do anything to get saved from hell. Shikhar offers to steal Patali’s body to save Divya. Later, Kaal Devta creates a magical spell across Patali’s body which …read more

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