Downton Abbey movie review: Dry Brit wit and royal shenanigans round off a satisfying finale for the Crawleys and their staff


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3.5 Star Rating

Costume dramas and period milieus, revolving around royalty, have always intrigued moviegoers since times immemorial. From Shakespearean adaptations to classics like A Room with a View and The Age of Innocence to modern masterpieces likes The King’s Speech and The Favourite, there’s something about the stiff upper lip (when done right) that has always enthralled viewers. However, what most of them are not known for is to offset their starched outfits and starchier moods with an air of humor and breezy charm, which helps Downton Abbey strike out and carve its own space. Add to that the little matter of it being a neat swansong of sorts to a hugely successful, Emmy-winning TV show (they’ve been previous few good adaptations from the small to big screen as is), and you’ve got a pleasant tryst with aristocracy on your hands.

What’s it about

Set in 1927 England and centered on a fictional Yorkshire country estate owned by the Crawley family, the movie picks up exactly a year after the TV series (of the same name) left off. Unlike many of the more profound episodes of its predecessor, Downton Abbey the movie treads a lighter path while following the inhabitants of the estate and their faithful lackeys prepare for a quick visit from the King George V, Queen Mary, Princess Mary, and her husband, Henry.

Things quickly sour between the house staff and royal entourage when the latter take things over as per protocol. Naturally, doesn’t sit well with the helps who see maintaining order around the estate as a matter of duty and pride, pacing the way for several humorous sequences as the staff members try to outsmart their superior counterparts. Thrown in subplots involving a property dispute, romantic track, and an assassination attempt amongst others, and you’ve got a chock-full …read more

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