Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11 July 2019 written update of full episode: Guddan and Vikram make Antara reveal the truth


Tonight s episode starts with Guddan performing morning veneration in the house. Antara comes there and looks at Guddan. She feels that Guddan will not be able to prove her real face at any cost. After a while Akshat and Dadi also come there. Guddan also believes on God and also on the truth that she knows. In the next moment, surprisingly Rawat makes his enter in the house. Akshat is happy to meet her brother but Rawat doesn t react much. Everyone in the house doesn t like to see him in the house. Rawat apologizes to all for his behaviour earlier about his revenge for Antara as Antara is fine now. Akshat forgives him but Dadi doesn t like it. Vikram asks Akshat for permission to talk to his sister. Akshat allows it happily. After Vikram goes in a room with Antara, Antara is happy and prepares for Rakshabandhan ritual for him. But Vikram throws the rakhee aside which shatters Antara. Antara asks him about it but Vikram gives her a tight slap instead.

He gets very furious with her for her behaviour with Akshat and Guddan. He also tells her that he will expose her real face in front of all to stop her from walking on a wrong route. He also clears that he has teamed up with Guddan to prove Antara wrong. Antara in turn starts accusing Guddan for manipulating her brother. Parv again reminds her that he isnot just her brother but a CBI officer and reveals that he has all the proofs against her. Antara is shocked to know that. He gives the proof to Guddan and permits her to take any action against his sister Antara. But Guddan asks Antara to go away from …read more

Source:: Bollywoodlife