Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15 April 2019 written update of full episode: Akshat and Guddan team up against Angad and Durga


In the last episode we saw how Akshat denies identifying Guddan as his wife which boosts Angad and Durga to plan against Guddan. Tonight s episode starts with Guddan entering Angad s room. She comes there with the intention to torture Angad with electic shocks the way Angad did to Akshat. By that time Akshat comes there. He stops here and takes her outside. There is a flashback when Akshat escapes from the hospital. Guddan is happy to see him normal. She hugs him and cries a lot. She questions him as he got hurt with his behaviour the earlier day. But Akshat reveals the reason behind his drama as he doubts that someone is supporting Angad in his evil ideas. So he determines to find out the culprit. On the other hand, Durga is determined to do any damn thing to throw Guddan out of the house and get her earlier position in the house by using Angad. Meanwhile, Akshat asks Guddan not to disclose about his plan as it is important so that they can find out the mastermind behind all that happened. Guddan supports him. Akshat accepts that he cannot execute his plan without her and also expresses his gratitude as she fulfils her duties as a wife.

He also makes Guddan (Kanika Mann) wear a black thread as a mangalsutra as he accepts Guddan as his wife with full heart. Guddan gets overwhelmed by that. Next day morning, Guddan continues with the drama with Akshat by pretending that Akshat wants to give divorce to her. Both of them create a drama of fighting with each other on the divorce issue which makes everyone wonder. But Dadi gets heartbroken with the same. Later she gets upset with him but Akshat asks her …read more

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