Hip Hip Hurray to Anupamaa: BFFs Mehul Nisar and Rushad Rana meet again!


By philo@mid-day.com (Mid-Day)

Rushad Rana recently joined the cast of Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. And though he is happy to join the cast of such a brilliant show, reuniting with his best friend Mehul Nisar has made him happier.

The duo has been part of shows like Hip Hip Hurray, Apna Apna Style, Hip Hip Hurray 2, Mohabbatein, Par Is Dil Ko Kaise Samjhaye, Kehtaa Hai Dil, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. And now in Anupamaa, while Mehul plays the role of Anupamaa’s brother, Rushad essays Kavya’s estranged husband.

Mehul says it’s nice to have a friend on the set and says, “Our friendship goes back to the days of Hip Hip Hurray. We have not had tracks together in the shows. But it is always nice to have a friend of yours on the set you are working on. Rushad and I have stood by each other always, and our friendship means a lot to us. And now to have him on the set of Anupamaa is so welcoming and nice.”

Rushad shares, “When I worked in my first show with him in ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, I got a friend for life. We have seen days when we used to go on his bike from production house to production house and distribute our pictures. I got ‘Mohabbatein’, thanks to him and discovered what a caring and wonderful person he is in our London schedule. After that, we have done several shows together, although never had scenes together. With Anupamaa, we are back together. I just hope to do scenes with my darling friend again.”

With Friendship Day soon approaching, we can surely hope for a double celebration with these two on the sets of Anupamaa. The show is produced under Rajan Shahi’s banner Director’s Kut Productions and features Rupali Ganguly in …read more

Source:: Mid-Day