House Of The Dragon’s S*x Scene Between Ser Criston Cole & Rhaenyra Took Over 7 Months Of Prep, Reveals Fabien Frankel: “ Anyone Who’s Ever Had S*x Will Tell You It Ain’t That Beautiful”


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House Of The Dragon Star Fabien Frankel Talks About S*x Scene Between Him & Milly Alcock
House Of The Dragon Episode 4 Featured Ser Criston Cole & Rhaenyra Getting Intimate ( Photo Credit – A Still From House of the Dragon )

While we are already in the mid-season, the chatter around House Of The Dragon has only intensified. A worthy prequel to Game Of Thrones, the show finally hit the shores across the globe in late August, only to impress the audience and win the hearts that were worried if this ends up being like the final season of its predecessor. But it looks like fans across have only good things to say. While there are many thing, they are also happy about the intimacy portrayal, mainly between Ser Criston Cole aka Fabien Frankel and Rhaenyra aka Milly Alcock.

If you are unaware, episode 4 of House Of The Dragon was about Daemon aka Matt Smith trying to teach Rhaenyra about the s*xual pleasures. His ultimate motives were evil, but that ended up liberating the princess a bit and she ended up getting intimate with her Kingsguard Ser Criston Cole. The scene went on to become one of the most spoken about.

Involving the new internet heartthrob Fabien Frankel and Milly Alcock, the scene shows them getting intimate on House Of The Dragon. The scene has been praised for its authenticity and rawness. Frankel now talks about prepping for it and trying to bring in the realism. He revealed prepping for the scene for 7 months before they shot it. Read on to know.

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