Jodha Akbar 11 February 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal and Jodha begum come closer but Ruquiya begum upset with that


Today s episode starts with people of Agra along with Jalal welcoming Jodha begum. Both of them are very happy to see each other after a long time. He holds her hand to take her inside the Maham. Ruquiya begum, Sharifuddin and Adham Khan are not happy with it. Shahnaz also comes along with Jodha begum. Jodha begum is very happy as her room is decorated with flowers and Jalal has made a small temple for Lord Krishna in her room. The Priest says that they can start the ritual for settling up the statue of Lord Krishna. He asks Jodha and Jalal both to sit together for the veneration. Mallika-A-Azam and Saleema begum are happy with that. The veneration starts. Later Jalal asks Jodha begum to take rest and then they will talk to each other.

In the next scene, Jodha begum comes to meet Mallika-A-Azam. Mallika-A-Azam is happy to see her. Both of them get emotional as they have a special bonding. Jodha begum apologizes to her for leaving Agra without informing her. But Mallika-A-Azam hugs her like her mother and consoles her. But she is hurt as Jodha begum didn t share her issue with her. Jodha begum feels guilty for taking such wrong step. Mallika-A-Azam asks her not to leave Agra without her permission. Jodha begum accepts her condition as she assumes Mallika-A-Azam as her mother. Mallika-A-Azam appreciates Jodha begum for changing Jalal as a human being.

In the next scene, Jodha begum shares whatever happened with her to Shivani. Moti Bai also tells Jodha begum that Jalal missed her a lot. Shivani also tells Jodha begum that Jalal loves her a lot. Jodha begum asks Shivani whether she is happy with Tejwant. Shivani shares that she is happy and it was …read more

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