Jodha Akbar 11 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal trusts Jodha


Today s episode starts with begums discussing about Jodha begum as the statue of Lord Krishna has been found in the rooms of many arrested ladies. Maham also fuels them by expressing her opinion about Jodha begum. But Jalal s sister Saleema still feels that Jodha begum is innocent but Ruquiya begum must have trapped her.

In the next scene, Jodha begum enquire about the small boy to Moti bai. She feels sad about his mother and small boy as they are separated. By that time Hindu ladies from Haram come to thank Jodha begum for gifting them the statue of Lord Krishna as they can worship their God. But Jodha begum is wondering as she has not sent any statues for them. Moti bai doubts if someone else is trying to spoil her image by doing such thing. The Hindu ladies also agree with Moti bai so they decide to return the statues. Jodha begum assures them that she will get them permission to worship their God and also they will be treated with respect. She allows them all to come anytime to her room for worshiping Lord Krishna.

As Ataga and Jalal are discussing about the routine business, a servant comes there informing him about the statues of Lord Krishna found in the rooms of Hindu ladies who are imprisoned. Jalal is shocked to know that. He enquires about the same but the servant tells him the rumours about Jodha begum. He instructs Ataga to look after the business issues and he goes to enquire about the issue of statue of Lord Krishna. He meets Jodha begum. He questions her about it even though he doesn t believe that Jodha begum must not have done it. He also asks her about on …read more

Source:: Bollywoodlife