Jodha Akbar 15 April 2019 written update of full episode: Zeenat begum initiates her evil intentions


In the last episode we saw that Ruquiya begum appoints Zeenat begum as the chief nurse for her son. But Zeenat and Kasim come to Agra to take revenge from Jalal which is not yet revealed. But Javeda begum sees Zeenat begum feeding something to Ruquiya begum s son and screams out. Today s episode starts with Ruquiya begum and Jalal worrying about their baby as it doesn t open the mouth. Zeenat begum tries to pretend that she is innocent but Jalal asks Javeda begum about the incidence. Javeda begum explains what happened. Ruquiya begum fears if her son has been feed with diamond because of which is not making any movement. She cries a lot. Jalal gets furious on Zeenat begum. But Javeda begum asks Jalal to take the baby to Haqima for check-up. They all leave for the same. Haqima checks the baby. Ruquiya begum gets very restless and hurtful to see kid s situation. But Haqima begum assures them that the baby will be fine once she gives a syrup. After a while, the baby starts crying. All feel relaxed to see baby moving. Haqima tells them all that Zeenat begum must have given something which cures cough so the baby went to sleep properly.

So Jalal asks the troops to release Zeenat begum from the arrest. He apologizes to her for his misunderstanding. But he is not aware about Zeenat s intentions. Zeenat begum tries to gain Jalal and his begums trust. Ruquiya begum requests Zeenat begum to be the chief nurse for her baby. Kasim also pretends that he is pacifying his wife for the same. But in fact they want to gain Jalal s trust so that they can execute their …read more

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