Jodha Akbar 6 February 2019 written update of full episode: Maham’s powers taken back


Today s episode starts with Sharifuddin meeting Abul Mali. He sees that Abul Mali is having a lot of pain as Jalal had hit his eye. Sharifuddin says that he should have been careful while fighting with Jalal. He says that he will take revenge from Jalal. But Abul Mali has lost confidence to beat Jalal. Sharifuddin boosts his confidence. Abul Mali decides to win Agra in order to take revenge. As Sharifuddin goes out. He gets shocked to see Adham Khan over there. Adham Khan says that he knew thathe is planning something against Jalal along with Abul Mali. Adham Khan tells him that it is not that easy to defeat Jalal. He does a deal with Sharifuddin and decides to win Agra & Delhi from Jalal.

On the other hand, Mallika-A-Azam prays to God for Jalal so that he can do justice. In Amer, Jodha s mother asks her servants to massage Jodha s hair. Shahnaz also massages Jodha s head. Jodha begum recollects the memories while she used to massage Jalal s head. She also remembers as Jalal also tried massaging her head. Shahnaz asks her something but they all see that Jodha begum is still lost in Jalal s memories.

On the other hand, Jalal gets ready for the Deewane-A-Khaas for taking decision about Maham. He feels that he should forgive her as she has raised him as her son. He prays God to help him taking justice for Maham. Maham looks lost sitting in her room. Resham tells her that the time of being presented in Deewan-A-Khaas has come. Maham wipes her tears and moves for the same. Resham tries to console her but Maham feels that she has already been punished as …read more

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