Kasautii Zindagii Kay2, 6 December 2018 written update of full episode: Naveen tensed as Anurag got proof against him


As Prerna says to Naveen that she is thinking about Anurag, initially Naveen is normal as he says that finally she will get married to him only. Prerna gets angry about it but says nothing. Prerna s Dadi comes there. She asks Prerna about Naveen calling him an old person. Prerna clarifies to Naveen that Dadi has an health issue of forgetting things. Naveen informs Dadi that he is the fianc of Prerna. Dadi says to Prerna that Naveen might be having issue of forgetting people and things as he must have got married many years ago. She also asks Prerna to inform Naveen that she is getting married to Anurag. Prerna is shocked to hear that. Naveen says that Prerna will slowly forget Anurag and smiles. He goes to Mohini and enquires about Anurag, Moloy and Anupam. Mohini informs him that Moloy and Anupam are playing cards for fun and Anurag should have come back by this time. She goes to see him. She tries calling him but he doesn t pick up.

Sid asks Anurag to calm down as he will try talking to the registrar. Mohini feels that Anurag is not picking up her call as he might be making her happy by importing her favourite flowers. She tries calling him again. Naveen leaves from there saying that he will see where Moloy is. Naveen is tensed whether Anurag is again trying things to expose him as Mohini s favourite flowers are already delivered. Prerna wondering about Naveen looking tensed. Suman says to Naveen that she is happy to see him for the haldi ceremony else rest of the males are busy in playing cards and Anurag has gone out for some important office work. She asks him if …read more

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