Katha Ankahee spoiler alert: Love is in the air as Viaan is ready to open up to Katha about his feelings


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Katha Ankahee is just a few episodes old but it has managed to capture audience’ attention. The show is slowly and steadily turning out to be a favourite of all. The storyline has gripped the audience who are excited to know what is going to happen next. So her is the upcoming spoiler. Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Aarav (Ajinkya Mishra) return home after celebrating Holi in Garewal Mansion, where she notices Neerja Ji (Preeti Amin) wearing glasses and realizes she has colour-blindness. She asks who gave it to her and learns it is Viaan Raghuvanshui (Adnan Khan). Katha calls Viaan and says thanks to him for whatever he did for Neerja ji. Katha was instructed to provide him with a therapy session and Katha agrees, and the next morning, Viaan meets with Aarav to discuss the girls’ expectations. Aarav advises Viaan to avoid wearing formal clothing on his date. On the other hand, Shamita apologizes to Viaan and rejoins the Earthcon, where Ehsan (Samar Virmani) notices her and is surprised. In the upcoming episode, we can see Shamita make an accusation against Viaan that he molested her. Because of this false accusation, Viaan has to quit his job. What will be the consequence now of this action?

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Will Katha be able to save Viaan from these false controversies? will Ehsan’s schemes finally get exposed? Catch all this and more in the …read more

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