Kawach 2, 25 May 2019 written update of full episode: Sandhya is the lucky one to escape the evil spirits and glimpse her future husband but there’s a twist


The first episode of Kawach 2 introduces viewers to an ancient story. In the interior village of Deolali in Maharashtra, there exists a Shiv temple. It is believed by many that on every Mahashivratri night. At 4 am, Shiv and Parvati may be seen dancing by the most ardent bhakts and if an unmarried young girl happens to see them, then she has the privilege of getting a glimpse of her future husband that night. However, the way to this temple is through a graveyard and while Shiv-Parvati are engrossed in dancing at 4 am, it is believed taht the evil spirits are at large outside. They are the strongest then as the Gods are distracted. If a girl ventures at this our then, it is very hard for her to not be slayed by a rogue evil spirit.

The story then goes on to show a patricular Marathi household, where a young unmarried girl is frustrated as no suitors have been selecting her for marriage. Trying to glimpse Shiv-Parvati and finding out who will marry her seems like the only way to her. But her mother is worried and stops her. The girl runs away from the house to reach the temple anyhow. But as fate would have it, she comes face to face with evil in the graveyard and is taken away. She is never to be found again.

The story then goes 22 years ahead in time when the missing girl’s brother is seen mourning for his sister with an arti in his hands. His wife is sympathetic but helpless. They left the big haveli when his sister vanished and settled in Mumbai with their kids to be away from evil. The couple has three kids – 2 girls Sandhya, Suman and 1 boy Mowgli. Suman is …read more

Source:: Bollywoodlife