Kumkum Bhagya 10 January 2020 written update of full episode: Ranbir becomes suspicious about Sanju


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In the last episode we saw that Prachi locks herself in the room and refuses to open the door. Pragya convinces Prachi to come out. She tells her to stand up for herself and tell everyone the truth. Ranbir wants to find out who made Prachi’s MMS. The next day in college, he beats up his own friend for calling Prachi characterless. His friend is the son of a politician and he gets Ranbir arrested. Prachi tells the principal that she is leaving college, and later finds Ranbir getting arrested. Rhea also hears about his arrest and is shocked. Prachi goes to meet him in jail and asks him not to fight for her anymore, because she has decided to leave college.

Tonight’s episode begins with Prachi informing Ranbir that she has left the college so he will not have to fight for her. She asks him not to get into the issue as his family will suffer unnecessarily. Ranbir tells her that he had beaten his friend as he said bad words for her. Ranbir also tells her that he is sure that Prachi cannot behave like that. He is suspicious that someone else is behind it where the girl had dressed just like her to trick her. Ranbir also reminds her about the girl whom Prachi was following as she had worn the same dress Prachi has. He decides to find out the truth. He then asks Prachi to leave from there and asks her not to worry about him as his father will get him out of the arrest. On the other hand Rhea shares with Aliya about the MMS. Aliya gets very angry with Prachi as now Ranbir is also favouring Prachi. Rhea gets very scared because of the issue. She asks Aliya to get Ranbir …read more

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