Kumkum Bhagya 11 January 2019 written update of full episode: Pragya in dilemma to reunite with Abhi


As Pragya blames Abhi for Kiara s accident, he gets hurt. Both of them fight with each other as they are disturbed with Kiara s accident. He assures Pragya that Kiara will be fine. Abhi starts crying. Pragya tries to console her but Abhi blames himself as he couldn t save his daughter.

Aliya is angry with Disha. Tanu calls her. Aliya informs her about Pragya that she is not married to King. But Tanu is confident that Pragya is married to King but Aliya makes her clear that King and Pragya are not married. Tanu gets shocked to hear that. So Aliya asks Tanu to come to Abhi to save her relation with Abhi. Tanu gets angry to hear the news. She keeps throwing things downstairs. Sunny takes the mobile of a lady there in the hospital. He calls Disha to inform that Kiara is admitted in the hospital. Disha asks him not to get afraid as she will be coming to the hospital. Disha and Purab leave for the hospital. Abhi blames God for Kiara s situation. He cries a lot praying the God for Kiara s recovery. Pragya, Disha and Purab see him praying to the God for Kiara. All of them get emotional. Purab consoles him. On the other side, Disha also gives support to Pragya. Abhi and Pragya keep looking at each other with tears in eyes. They all go to see Kiara. But the doctors are still operating Kiara. They feel that due to heavy bleeding, her health can get deterioted. So they need to give blood to Kiara immediately else her organs may stop working. So Abhi goes to give blood to Kiara. Sunny also prays for Kiara. Disha assures him that Kiara …read more

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