Kumkum Bhagya 15 April 2019 written update of full episode: Pragya defends her daughter Prachi


In the last episode we saw that Prachi gives a tight slap to Rhea as she tries to humiliate Prachi in the college. Rhea s ego gets hurt. Tonight s episode starts with Rhea recollecting all that happened. She tries to cover her face with some make-up as the marks of the slap lasts on her face. Rhea determines to make Prachi s life like a hell. Her friends get tensed as they know that Rhea would do anything to ruin Prachi s life. Meanwhile in the Mehra house, Meera instructs the cook to make an Orange juice for Dasi without sugar. Vikram s wife appreciates Meera for handling the household of Mehra family like a family member. By that time Rhea arrives at home. Meera notices the some redness on Rhea s face but assumes that it must be sun burn. Rhea gets upset as they all notice it. After a while, CCTV person comes home to give the CD. Purab takes the CD in his hands and goes to Abhi to see the CCTV footage. Aliya tries to stop Purab but by that time Abhi comes there. Purab shows the CD and hand over it to Aliya.

But Abhi takes it and asks all to watch it together so that they all can see that Prachi (Mugdha Chaphekar) was innocent. Rhea gets shattered to hear that. Meanwhile, Prachi and Shahana arrives at home. Pragya makes food for them. By that time Prachi s uncle and aunt arrives at home. Aunt gets upset with Prachi and Shahana. She questions Prachi. Shahana tries to intervene but aunt gets too furious. Pragya wonders about it. Aunt questions Prachi about her arrest blaming her for stealing the …read more

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