Kundali Bhagya 8 October 2019 written update of full episode: Preeta impressed with Karan’s smartness


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In the last episode we saw that Karina finds Sherlyn in the shopping mall and calls out to her. Sherlyn is arguing with Prithvi in a corner and is shocked. She tells Karina that she felt bad about missing the shopping fun and decided to join them later. Prithvi explains himself to Sherlyn when she is in the changing room. Karina follows them there too. Preeta gets captured by the terrorists. Karan manages to knock out one of the terrorists, take his gun and call up the police as well.

In tonight’s episode, the terrorist try to shoot the safe to open it. Karan calls up the police again and asks them to reach faster. He hears one of the terrorists approaching and hides again. The Hotel Manager asks the Prince if he actually doesn’t have the keys. The Prince says he has the keys but it is hidden well in his room. Karina comes outside Sherlyn’s changing room with another dress for her to try. She asks her to open the door which makes Sherlyn and Prithvi panic. Sherlyn lies to Karina saying the door is jammed. Rishabh also shows up there looking for Karina. He hears that the door is jammed and looks for someone to force the door open. The terrorists notice one of their own men lying unconscious. They wake him up and he describes how some brave person knocked him out and stole his walkie-talkie as well as his phone and gun. Preeta smiles and the doctor Renuka asks her why she is happy. Preeta (Shraddha Arya) says Karan was on the second floor he must have beaten the terrorist.

After a while Sherlyn doesn’t hear anything so she goes out to check. She is shocked to see Karina on the other …read more

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