Main Bhi Ardhangini actress Deepshikha Nagpal gets injured during the shooting


Despite readily available technology and safety measures, actress Deepshika Nagpal shot for a scene herself in Main Bhi Ardhangini. And in the process, Deepshika hurt herself and was rushed to a neaarby hospital. Though there are many software available to edit these shows, there are still numerous possibilities and risks involved in it.

These risks double up when the genre is Action, Thriller or Horror. Because all of them include heavy fighting scenes and intense drama in which even a little distraction can be fatal. Today we are going to share with you about one such incident that happened on the sets of the popular drama show, Main Bhi Ardhangini. Actress Deepshikha Nagpal, who plays the role of Nilambari, got injured while shooting an action scene.

The scene was about Chitra (Anjali Priya) turning evil and attacking Nilambari by throwing pots, vase and lamp on her. Before Deepshikha could understand anything, everything started coming towards her and unfortunately, she got injured. While talking to the media she said, It was such a scene where Chitra s soul becomes destructive. Therefore, in the scene, the vase, photo frame, lamps and some things were to be shown to be flying freely. But everything started so suddenly that I did not know anything and the things started coming towards me. Meanwhile, one of them took the vase directly on my head. So for a while, I did not understand what it was, but then I did control myself. Although a slight injury has happened, there is no more fear.

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Source:: Bollywoodlife