Movie Review: Sanak – Hope Under Siege

Movie Review Sanak - Hope Under Siege

SANAK is the story of a man battling an army of guys in a hospital. Vivaan Ahuja (Vidyut Jammwal) is happily married to Anshika (Rukmini Maitra). On their 3rd marriage anniversary, they find out that Anshika is suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that can prove fatal if she doesn’t go for an immediate surgery. The cost of the treatment is Rs. 70 lakhs and Vivaan sells his flat as he is running short of money. Her treatment begins at Green Hills Multi Speciality Hospital, Mumbai. The surgery is successful and a few days later, Anshika is allowed to go home. However, hours before her discharge, a high-profile patient, Ajay Pal Singh (Kiran Karmarkar), is brought into the hospital. He is an arms dealer who is imprisoned in Arthur Road Jail and had to be rushed to the hospital after his pacemaker malfunctions. His operation begins immediately on the East Wing of the 9th floor, the same level where Anshika is kept. Vivaan goes to the billing counter on the ground floor to settle the bill. As he reaches the ground floor, he realizes that he has forgotten his wallet in the car which is parked in the basement. Meanwhile, Captain Saju (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and his team, comprising Raman (Sunil Palwal), Yuri (Daniele Balconi), Taira (Ivy Haralson), Maksym (Alois Knapps) and Chad (Du Tran Au) arrive at the hospital basement. Yuri is asked to stay put at the parking lot and to safeguard a black bag. The rest of them leave and attack the hospital. The hostages are kept on the ground floor and 9th floor. Anshika is one of the hostages. They capture the CCTV room so that they can access the happenings in the hospital and install jammers. They also boobytrap all entrances to the hospital …read more

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