Ranjit Barot, One Of India’s Leading Percussionists, Speaks About His Relationship With Music: “It’s About Developing A Connection With The Instruments”



I didn't, The Drums Found Me: Ranjit Barot
I didn’t, The Drums Found Me: Ranjit Barot ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

He says playing the drums requires all four limbs to work together in synchronicity, creating a unique voice that is specific to the individual. That when one is on the drums, it is all about surrendering control and becoming a physical vehicle for the instrument to play through the person.

Adding that one develops a relationship with the drums, and “if you have a good enough connection, they will treat you well, but if not, they may not talk to you”, Ranit Barot, one of India’s best-known percussionists says, “When every day I look at my drums before playing them, it encourages me to play more. You believe that each drum has a unique sonic marker that you absorb into your brain, and that you spend your whole life chasing the sound you hear in your mind, which is why you keep playing.

“Overall, it seems like I have a deep respect and reverence for the drums and the art of drumming. Playing the drums is not just about technique, but also about developing a relationship and connection with the instrument. I did not necessarily find the drums, but rather they found me.”

Festival Curator of the one-day ‘Mahindra Percussion Festival’ held in Bangalore on March 18, Barot, who guitar legend John McLaughlin calls as “one of the leading edges in drumming”, feels it (the festival) has …read more

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