Sunny Movie Review: Jayasurya’s film perfectly outlines the grim realities of the pandemic, but it’s too soon to relive the horrors


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2.5 Star Rating

Movie: Sunny

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Jayasurya, Shivada Nair, Mamta Mohandas, Vijay Babu, Siddique, Aju Varghese

Director: Ranjith Sankar

Release date: September 23

Review by: Vineeta Kumar

Going through a pandemic without losing sanity or hope is not easy. What makes this possible is the support, love and affection of those around us and our own positive mindset. But in the absence of this all, how does one survive? Is it even possible? Director Ranjith Sarkar’s Malayalam movie Sunny, starring Jayasurya in the lead role explores the same scenario. The film promises a deep dive into the lives of people who survived through 2020 without any form of emotional support from the outside world. But this tale with familiar premise deserve your attention? Check the review to know

What’s it about?

Sunny has returned from Dubai while the whole world is going through the pandemic and has been quarantining at a lavish hotel in Kerala. Following a feud with his partner he has no business to attend to. He has no family either since a tragic incident resulted into a divorce. All this has led him to give up all his ambitions because he had to let go of his one passion music, to become a businessman. Sunny has nothing to keep him busy and no one to listen to him. In such a scenario, he befriends the doctor assigned to him by the authorities while he is in quarantine. He soon finds a friend in a woman quarantining in the same hotel, in a room right above his. But every time he experiences joy, it is short-lived. Sunny craves to talk to someone, to let someone know who he is and what his dreams could be. In …read more

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