Travis Scott Missed Kylie Jenner While Writing ‘My Eyes’ From Utopia? Heartbroken Fans Say “I Feel So Sad For Him”


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Travis Scott Missed Kylie Jenner While Writing 'My Eyes' From Utopia? Fans Notice Strange Details
Travis Scott Missed Kylie Jenner While Writing ‘My Eyes’ From Utopia? ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Travis Scott has accomplished a lot in his music career. But his recent album titled ‘Utopia’ has taken the world by storm as this was the most-anticipated piece of work. The album features a heavy line-up with names like Metro Boomin, Drake, Playboi Carti, Beyonce, 21 Savage, The Weeknd, and more. Now, one of the songs from the album is called ‘MY EYES’, which is a single.

Some fans on the internet have now theorized that this song is secretly written and performed for Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Ever since their initial link-up in 2017, the couple has been surrounded by break-up rumors. But some lyrics from the song do point toward Scott indirectly speaking to the mother of his two children.

The lyrics to the song sung by Travis Scott are, “Look in my eyes, tell me a tale/Do you see the road, the map to my soul?/Look, tell me the signs whenever the smoke clear out of my face.” Focusing on the same, one fan pointed out, “I feel so sad for him, like I’m sure Kylie just left him cause she couldn’t handle the rage and wanted to move on to a better guy. Like he’s been screwed over so many times since 2021.” Another fan wrote, “He was really talkin from the heart” One more person said, “I was saying UTOPIA felt changed, his narrative for the album was supposed to be a out of space feeling. I’m thinking with everything that happened changed that narrative of the album, and became a moment for him to vent.”


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