Tujhse Hai Raabta 10 September 2019 Written Update of full episode: Kalyani gets hit by a tempo?


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In the last episode we saw that Swara tries to steal the golden necklace which Aau Saheb offers to the priest for putting it around the neck of Lord Ganesha’s statue. Aau Saheb catches her red handed. By that time Madhav, Malhar and Madhav’s second wife arrives. Madhav apologizes to Aau Saheb. Malhar gets very emotional to see his sister after a long time but Swara behaves very weird. She denies identifying Malhar as her elder brother which shocks everyone. Later on Malhar requests everyone to come to his residence to stay. But when Swara enters the house, she keeps on humiliating Aau Saheb and Aau Saheb also keeps on teasing her as a ‘thief’. Madhav shouts at Swara for her irrational behaviour. Tonight’s episode begins with Aau Saheb taunting Swara for being a thief. Swara gets very furious. Kalyani tries to make her calm down but she pushes Kalyani away. By that time Madhav and Malhar arrives there. He slaps Swara for her behaviour. He asks Kalyani to apologize and seek blessings from her sister-in-law. But in turn Swara asks Kalyani to seek blessings from her as she is elder. Kalyani happily agrees for the same on the condition that Swara will meet her brother nicely. Swara moves towards Malhar and hugs him. Malhar gets very emotional.

Kalyani (Reem Shaikh) and Anupriya are happy to see that. Next day Malhar is happy. He plays with Moksh as he got his family back. Kalyani adores the happiness on his face. Malhar cannot share his happiness in words but he tells Kalyani that he was never happy like this. Kalyani tells him that she is experiencing the same excitement that he is. Both of them share some nice moments with each other. Malhar worries as Swara has …read more

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