Varun Mitra wasn’t aware that he was being considered for Bombers

Sunil Chhetri in Bombers

Varun Mitra is currently busy shooting for Bombers. The handsome star in the making recently had interesting chat with Zee5 and Varun actually did speak about Bombers in detail. Read excerpts from the interview below:

1. Are you a football fan?

I have been playing since I was a kid. I was a part of my school team, college team, I was a left midfielder. But I don t watch football at all. I have never really followed it like that.

2. So which sport do you follow, are you following the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup?

Nope (laughs). Cricket was although dominated in my house, but after the IPL started it got boring for me honestly. It was too much cricket happening all over the place. Now I play the sport, I don t follow it on TV like that. I play squash, I swim, I play table tennis and I play football.

3. What attracted you to Bombers?

Actually, I wasn t even aware I was being considered for Bombers. Sapna Pabbi, who is playing Andy in the series, I met her at some event and she told me she is in talks with this subject and they are considering me. I was like woah, nobody told me about it. Then I messaged Vishal Furia, who is the director. I kind of sent my work across to him, I met up with him. He narrated the show script to me, told me the way he was looking at shooting it, how he was looking at the character of Badol. So that happened and the producers had apparently seen my TED talk somewhere which starts with a three-minute football narration of mine. It all just came together and Vishal was a big reason …read more

Source:: Bollywoodlife