Vinaya Vidheya Rama movie review: Even Ram Charan cannot save this catastrophe which tests your tolerance level

1.5 Star Rating

After an applause-worthy performance in Rangasthalam by Ram Charan, expectations on Vinaya Vidheya Rama were towering high and his fans expected him to take off where he left. But as you jump into the world of Vinaya Vidheya Rama created by Boyapati Sreenu with Ram Charan in the central character, it doesn’t take much time to feel that you’re lost. Vinaya Vidhaya Rama boasts of slow-motion shots, heavy-duty fights and umpteen screams by everyone including actress Sneha who plays a supporting role. The scattered dots take time to connect and when they do, repentance creeps in making you feel why, in the first place, did they.

What’s it about?

Four orphans, who are rag-pickers, find themselves in a do-or-die situation one fine day and decide to end their lives. But as they lay down on railway tracks, they find a young baby crying in the bushes which distracts them from their thought of suicide, which makes them realise he is the reason for them to be lead a good life henceforth. The baby grows up to become Ram Charan and is the pet of the brothers. The brothers, Prashanth, Aryan Rajesh, Ravi Varma, Madhu Nandan and Ram Charan, lead a happy life and they seem to have everything in their family, making it a complete one. Prashanth plays a Chief Election Officer in the plot. He can go to any extent to ensure that elections are conducted in fair manner wherever he is posted. And in the process, he rubs shoulders with Raja Bhai played by Vivek Oberoi who is ruthless and blood-hungry, which director Boyapati Sreenu tries very hard to make us believe. Ram Charan, in the process of protecting his brother and his loyalties, breaks millions of bones and kills hundreds of Vivek’s henchmen, but fails to save his elder …read more

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