Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke SPOILER ALERT! Abir chooses Kunal’s happiness over Mishti


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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has been impressing with its interesting storyline. In recent episodes, we saw that Mishti finds out the truth about Mehul and manages to release herself from his trap. She rushes to return back to Rajkot for her engagement. She meets Meenakshi first and reveals her the truth and gives her all the proofs. Meenakshi asks her to go back to her engagement and give her some time to trap Mehul. Mishti returns back and the families celebrate Mishti-Abir’s engagement ceremony. Meenakshi prepares a plan to bring Mehul’s truth in front of Abir and Kunal.

Mehul meets Meenakshi and asks her to give her the property papers. She shows him pictures of Mishti being trapped by his men and blackmails him. Kunal and Abir reach the Rajvansh house and see Meenakshi and Mehul fighting. Mehul tries to manipulate Abir. Abir takes him away and says that they will not take any money from Meenakshi. Mehul gets angry and reveals his truth in front of Abir. Meenakshi too reaches there and they get Mehul arrested. Abir is hurt and returns back to his family. They happily now prepare for Abir and Mishti’s wedding. But Meenakshi has a different plan in her mind and has decided to separate Abir and Mishti. In the upcoming episodes, we will see Meenakshi will reveal it to Abir that Kunal is Parul and Mehul’s son. She will tell Abir that she has never said it to Kunal but she will now disown him and tell him that he is not her son.

Meenakshi forces Abir to leave Mishti by plotting against Mishti. She asks Abir to choose between Kunal’s happiness and his love for Mishti. Abir has to decide and chooses Kunal over Mishti. It will …read more

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