YRKKH: Shaurya Shah’s mom says he was removed as he failed to shoot due to viral fever


By philo@mid-day.com (Mid-Day)

Child actor Shaurya Shah, who has become the household name with the popular soap opera Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaya hai has been replaced in the serial. While the reports suggest that the kid was asked to leave the show due to his tantrums, Shaurya Shah’s mom has a different take on it.

For the unversed, Shaurya plays the role of Kairav, Naira’s son, on the show and is quite popular among fans. Reacting to rumours of Shaurya’s tantrums, Shaurya’s mother said in an interview with Spotboye: “I know. By now 100 stories must be floating around but the truth is that Shaurya is down with a viral fever, past 5 days and he couldn’t go for shoots. In fact, he has not attended his school even today. I have all his medical certificates as proof too. So, they (production house, Director’s Kut) had to replace him on an immediate basis.”

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She further added: “They had called Shaurya for a one-day shoot, but we said he is not in a condition. Although after a bit of discussion we went ahead for the shoot yet he couldn’t sustain for more than 2 hours and we had to get him back. However, they required him for 8-10 hours, which was not possible, so they had to go for a replacement.”

Shaurya’s mom had also posted a video on Instagram where he thanked fans for their wishes and announced his exit. However, she later deleted it. Talking about the reason, she added: “The production team called me and said to pull down the post because they didn’t want the news …read more

Source:: Mid-Day